About Us

At Citicore Interior Design, we believe that beautiful spaces are the ones that are personalized. A tailored design with cost-effective furniture and exclusive fabrics is what we always have to offer our clients.

Founded by architect Soula Nabbout, Citicore Interior Design is a group of professional designers working in collaboration with architects and contractors to provide valuable spaces. It does not matter whether your space has mansion, castle, a 10 bedrooms or is a one bedroom, our team will make sure to create a cohesive look that matches your style and taste.

Not only do we focus on the interiors, but also we get involve early on to help our clients with their selection and provide our professional opinions for their projects during all phases from Design, construction to finishes including landscape, lighting, and external furniture in residential, hospitality, retail and commercial arenas.

At Citicore, we create beautiful and awesome designs for residential, commercial and industrial spaces in the Arab world, especially in the United Arab Emirates, and internationally, wherever our clients desire.