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    Modern Style
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    MAJLIS, DINING, Modern style
  • Date
    October 12, 2023

Modern Majlis

Luxury modern majlis interior design is a mix of traditions with contemporary styles. Here dominate straight lines, clear shapes, fewer accessories, and decor that is in the classic and pure traditional majlises. Our designers use cleaner materials, fabrics with neutral patterns or without at all.
Modern means “today,” “here and now.” Therefore, a modern majlis is a luxury sitting that meets the aesthetic taste of modernity and is ideal for the modern lifestyle in Dubai and other Arab cities.
An elegant modern majlis for men with austere sofas that correspond to the status of the owner.
Muted champagne gold, turquoise blue, golden beige create a great combination.
These colors represent riches and luxury, providing well-being, fortune, and emotions. The turquoise in home decor creates incredible combinations and this color is perfectly balanced with the other shades.

Summary Results

We have combined the idea of traditional continue majlis sofas with contemporary furnishings and finishes. Arabic mashrabiya and straight lines make this room impressive.’
White, beige, and gold create the overall mood of the living room, while vivid turquoise, blue, and other colors create decorative accents.

Our clients want to have a beautiful modern majlis for their home, where they can meet guests without too much ceremony and decor. They want to have a sitting room in pleasant soothing colors and comfortable beautiful furniture that will work for a long time. This room should be free of expensive gold decorations.

Our designers used copper and expensive trays that look great and are so pleasant to the touch.