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    New Classic Style
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  • Date
    October 12, 2023

NEW CLASSIC master bedroom

Take your bedroom from blah to beautiful with the simple and encouraging advice of interior designers. We’ve tapped the brilliant decorating minds of our designers for guidance they give their clients when it comes to transforming the bedroom. You’ll be inspired by their big ideas to suggestions on the small touches you can add to your bedroom to create that dreamy oasis you’ve always wanted.
It’s no surprise that our designers start by choosing a color for the bedroom. Decide on the mood or tone you want to set in the bedroom, then choose a color that reflects that feeling, Don’t be afraid of strong color, darker colors in small rooms. But if you prefer neutral walls, add a pop of color by painting the ceiling.”
Our designers suggests using dark colors in a bedroom. (“Soft or dark colors create a more serene environment than bright ones,”) Examples of soft colors for walls and rugs are pale blue, blush pink, or light gray. Examples of dark colors include navy blue, plum, or sage green.

Summary Results

If a large-scale painting project isn’t in your bedroom redo plans, choose one accent wall in your bedroom on which to add color, even if it’s with wallpaper. Or, simply forget your walls, and add color by painting an old piece of furniture in your bedroom a fun color.